Dragon  Chef


Sushi & Sashimi


Signature Rolls


Oyster roll $7.95

Fried oysters with cucumber, lettuce, and special sauce


Double dragon $11.95

Tobiko, seaweed salad, spicy sauce, with eel inside and outside of the roll


House Special Roll $9.95

Lightly breaded & deep fried crab stick and avocado w. Spicy salmon on top of the roll


Lobster Tempura Roll $9.95

Tempura lobster tail with seaweed salad, spicy sauce and tobiko


Long Island Roll $9.95

Yellow tail with spicy sauce, topped with kani on rice and flying fish roe


Special Cucumber Roll $7.95

Assorted sliced raw fish, crabstick, flying fish roe & avocado, wrapped in a sheet of cucumber


Special Cucumber Roll (Vegetarian) $5.95

Seaweed salad, crab stick, avocado, wrapped in a sheet of cucumber


Green Dragon $10.95

Eel, flying fish roe, seaweed salad, spicy sauce, topped with avocado


Spice Girl $12.95

Tuna, salmon and yellowtail combo roll with avocado, spicy sauce and tobiko


Spider Web $14.95

Soft shell crab with mango, seaweed salad and tobiko, topped with spicy tuna


Tuna Tataki $7.95

Slightly pan fried tuna with our special sauce


CCC (Creamy Crab Crunch) $8.95

Tempura maki, cream cheese & mock crab, made into a roll, lightly fried, topped with eel sauce & seaweed powder


Musubi Roll $12.95

Eel & avocado roll, topped with spicy white tuna & spicy salmon with chefs special sauce


Dragon Chef Roll $12.95

Eel, avocado & cucumber topped with slices of fresh tuna


Fish Tempura Roll $6.95

Rockfish tempura, deep-fried in a roll with special sauce


Red Dragon Roll $10.95

Shrimp tempura with spicy tuna on top and flying fish roe


House Wasabi Roll $8.95

Tuna, salmon and avocado roll topped with green tobiko


Tokyo Roll $9.95

Spicy salmon and avocado inside and steamed shrimp on top with special wasabi sauce


Special Vegetarian Roll $8.95

Tofu skin, cream cheese, seaweed salad topped with avocado



Sushi & Sashimi Dinner


Sushi Box  $15.95

Sushi, sashimi, california roll and seaweed salad


Love Boat  $49.95

Assorted for two


Assorted Sashimi

Regular $15.95

Deluxe $19.95


Assorted Sushi

Regular (7 pieces + 1 roll) $14.95

Deluxe (9 pieces + 1 roll) $18.95


Sushi & Sashimi Combo

Regular   $23.95

Deluxe   $29.95


Tekka Don  $15.95

Slices Of Raw Tuna Arranged On A Bed Of Seasoned Rice


Unagi Don  $14.95

Cooked eel with slightly sweet sauce, served over rice


Chirashi Sushi  $14.95

Assorted slices of raw fish on a bed of seasoned rice


Combination  $10.95

Maki tuna, california and cucumber rolls


Tekka Maki  $12.95

3 rolls with fresh tuna


California Maki  $12.95

3 rolls with mock crab and cucumber


Spicy Combo Roll $15.95

3 rolls of spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy white tuna






Individual Selection

Sushi 2 Pieces  - Sashimi 3 Pieces (Add 50 cents)



Tuna $4.50



White Super Tuna $4.25


Fatty Tuna $Market



Yellow Tail $5.50



Salmon $4.50



Smoked Salmon $4.95



Red Snapper $4.00


Striper  $4.50


Fluke $4.50



Sweet Shrimp $Market



Shrimp $3.75



Squid $4.00



Octopus 4.00



Scallop $5.95



Sea Urchin  $Market


Striper $4.50


Flying Fish Roe $4.50


Salmon Roe $5.25


Red Clam $4.50


Giant Clam $Market


Eel $4.50


Spanish Mackerel $4.50


Crab Stick $3.50


Tofu Skin $3.25


Egg $2.75


Flying Fish Roe With Quail Egg $5.95


Salmon Roe With Quail Egg $6.25



Hand Roll


6 pieces


Alaskan $4.75


Asparagus $3.75


Avocado $3.50


California $4.50


Cucumber $3.50


Eel Avocado $4.75


Eel Cucumber $4.50


Futo Maki (5 Pieces) $5.75


New York $5.95


Oshinko $3.50


Philadelphia $5.50


Rainbow Maki $9.95


Salmon Skin $4.50


Salmon $4.75


Spicy Salmon $5.25


Shrimp Avocado $4.25


Shrimp Tempura $4.95


Soft Shell Crab $9.95


Spicy Tuna $5.50


Tuna $4.75


Yellow Tail $5.75


Add Flying Fish $1.00